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Find here many essential oils for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Essential oil is directly a gift from mother nature. Essential oils is the life energy of plants and are the antioxidants for us. Essential oils are anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial. With aromatic use, ingestion or topical application, essential oil, beneficial, balanced, calming, rejuvenating, cleansing and energizing on your mind and body . You will find oil items extracted from the roots, the wood, the flowers, the seeds, the leaves or the fruits of plants. View the wide range of essential oils. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What are essential oils and what are they used for?

Essential oil is extracted from the healthy and vital nutrients or all kind of plants. These oils are therefore pure nature with a unique aroma and aroma. There are more than two hundred types of essential oils, each with their specific properties and functioning.

The entire plant is used

The entire plant is usually used in the production of essential oils. These range from the roots, seeds and leaves to blossoms and flowers, fruits and twigs, bark, wood and any resins that contain these plants

From extremely cheap to very expensive

Some essential oils are relatively expensive, others remarkably cheap. Good oils don't have to be really expensive. Their price depends on a large extent on the amount of material needed to produce the oil. One of the most inexpensive oils is undoubtedly orange oil  made from orange peels, a cheap waste product. Directly opposite is rose oil. To produce a few drops of rose oil, a lot of roses are needed and that makes rose oil  one of the most expensive types of essential oils.

Pure oil

For a maximum effect it is very important that you only use pure essential oil. These are free from added synthetic substances. These ensure a reduced therapeutic and medical effect.

The most famous essential oils

As mentioned earlier, we have a choice of more than two hundred types of essential oils. The most famous are undoubtedly:

  • Lavender oil: helps with acne, insect bites, allergies, burns, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and arthritis and ensures a healthy sleep. Lavender  oil soothes and relieves pain
  • Tea tree oil: is effective against painful ulcers, fungal infections, eczema and psoriasis, warts and cold sores. Furthermore, this oil protects you against head lice and dandruff. You also use tea tree oil  to disinfect
  • Lemon oil : has a strong antibacterial effect and helps you get rid of your bad breath. It cleans furniture and almost all types of floors. You use this oil preventively to purify your liver, against heartburn and stomach ulcers, and against insect stings
  • Peppermint oil : is a very powerful oil that helps with stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure, headache and migraine and against travel sickness
  • Eucalyptus oil : has a strong disinfecting effect and is used more and more in all kind of cleaning products. You use eucalyptus as a massage oil for muscle pain. It also relieves the annoying symptoms of rheumatism, respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, throat inflammation, colds, stuffy nose, fever and headache
  • Clove oil : expels mosquitoes, fleas, moths, ants, wasps and mice and helps with toothache, gum disease, cold sores and ulcers, acne, all sorts of injuries, athlete's foot and earache
  • Ylang Ylang oil : does sleep better, is suitable for dry skin and helps against inflammation and palpitations, high blood pressure, all kind of skin conditions, cramps, and infections
  • Rose oil : is used in perfumes and beauty products. Use rose oil for sleeping problems, increased irritability, stress and depression, physical and mental fatigue, stiff and painful muscles and joints and all kind of transition problems
  • Grapefruit oil : due to its strong cleansing and detoxifying effect, it reduces cellulite, oily skin and hair

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